Why Traditional and Digital Marketing Packs the Best One-Two Punch

Posted by Tim MacMillan on 30 September 2020 5:35:05 PM

In the past decade, the marketing lens shifted its focus significantly towards digital channels, as companies began to recognise the value and low cost per conversion of digital ads. Audiences moved their attention to smartphones, tablets and computers, lifestyles and purchasing habits of customers changed and traditional marketing, while ever-present, began to take a backseat.

However, what industry leaders are recognising now is the beginning of yet another seismic shift in trends. The great migration of business owners to the digital space has caused a an oversaturation of the market, and customers are inundated with advertisements on their devices. Costs per click have increased, conversion rates have decreased and the everyday audience has become less sensitive to the overwhelming amount of information and offers they’re presented with daily.

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The power of letterbox

Posted by Tara Germain on 5 June 2020 1:13:22 PM

Think letterbox advertising is going the way of the dinosaurs?  Think again. Here's why it still delivers powerful results.


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